September Spotlight



Jose Colon, DPT is our September Spotlight. He was nominated for the spotlight multiple times for his outstanding work and rapport with his patients and PTAs, ability to inspire, team member mentality, be creative and teach the PTAs new things

About Jose: Jose is a loving husband to Charissa and Dad to 4 wonderful kids. He’s very active, enjoys working out, staying in shape and enjoys a good episode of Days of our Lives every now and then.  When he’s not working, he’s attending his kid’s sporting events and working in his new “treatment room” at home developing his myofacial skills. Jose is dedicated to his family, his job and being the best he can be. 

What he does at Advanced Medical: Jose is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Advanced Medical. He performs assessments on patients for their physical and mobility needs, designs a plan of care to meet those needs, and supervises PTAS who follow his patients.  Jose is known for his wonderful rapport with his patients, positive attitude and ability to educate PTAs. 

What others have to say: 

“His work with our clients and other team members is outstanding. 

“Our patients always have a very positive experience. He is always there to help and is always willing to teach me new things. I learn something new from him every time and he inspires me to try new things and be creative. He has been a great asset to our team and I appreciate all his hard work.”

Jose is a wonderful asset. He is always interested in learning, open to new ideas. He is a great resource for information. He is always giving constructive feedback to make processes improved. He is part of reason I joined this team of wonderful clinicians.”

Jose has shown and exemplifies leadership, honor, selfless service, and compassion. Jose is an outstanding clinician and is very good at what he does, I am so very happy to have him part of my team/our team.”

“Jose has educated me into more of a thinker than a doer, he has great communication skills and follows up on questions and concerns.”

Thank you: Jose, thank you for inspiring all of us, for all of your hard work, commitment and dedication. We are all so grateful to be able to get to work with you! Please pick up your gift of appreciation at the office this week!



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