October Spotlight




Kerry Newell, COTA is our October Spotlight. She was nominated multiple times for the spotlight award by her co-workers for willingness to go out of her way and help her co-workers and her patients, and for her caring approach with her patients.

About Kerry: Kerry is a loving wife and mother who balances work and family life in a wonderful way.  She is passionate about caring for her family, living out her faith, and caring for her patients.  

What she does at Advanced Medical: Kerry is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Advanced Medical. She follows patients and helps them achieve their short and long term goals and works with the OTs on progressing their patients towards independence! She is known to go the extra mile for her patients to make sure their needs are met! 

What others have to say: 

“I continuously hear feedback about how she is caring and thorough with her patients.  She often spends over and hour with er patients making sure she is meeting their needs.  She is excellent at communicating their needs with me and her documentation is also very thorough.  I always feel confident the patients I evaluate that she takes over will be served well.

“Since I’ve worked for Advanced if I ever have a question Kerry is so helpful and willing to do whatever she can to help. I notice she does the same with her pt’s. I just think she’s an all around awesome person!”

“Kerry is such a great person to be around and work with, she truly cares about her patients and others around her. She’s got a positive attitude and is an excellent communicator!”

Thank you:   Kerry, we thank you for the excellence you bring to the Advanced team.  We will have a gift for you at the all staff meeting to show our appreciation. Thank you!

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