Advanced Medical gets 5 Star Rating!

Advanced Medical gets a 5 Star Rating by Medicare’s Home Health Compare! This is a company wide success! Congratulations to the Advanced team for your hard work, attention to detail and excellent care for our patients.

Home Health Compare can help you or your family or friends choose a quality home health agency that has the skilled home health services you need. The information on Home Health Compare:

  • Helps you learn how well home health agencies care for their patients
  • Shows you how often each agency used best practices when caring for its patients and whether patients improved in certain important areas of care
  • Shows you what other patients said about their recent home health care experience

To see our 5 Star Rating and the quality measurements CLICK HERE

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October is National Physical Therapy Month!

AgeWellLogoThank you to your PTs and PTAs for keeping your patients moving and independent!

1. Chronic pain doesn’t have to be the boss of you.
Each year 116 million Americans experience chronic pain from arthritis or other conditions, costing billions of dollars in medical treatment, lost work time, and lost wages. Proper exercise, mobility, and pain management techniques can ease pain while moving and at rest, improving your overall quality of life.

2. You can get stronger when you’re older.
Research shows that improvements in strength and physical function are possible in your 60s, 70s, and even 80s and older with an appropriate exercise program. Progressive resistance training, in which muscles are exercised against resistance that gets more difficult as strength improves, has been shown to prevent frailty.

3. You may not need surgery or drugs for low back pain.
Low back pain is often over-treated with surgery and drugs despite a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating that physical therapy can be an effective alternative—and with much less risk than surgery and long-term use of prescription medications.

4. You can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise.
One in four Americans over the age of 60 has diabetes. Obesity and physical inactivity can put you at risk for this disease. But a regular, appropriate physical activity routine is one of the best ways to prevent—and manage—type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

5. Exercise can help you avoid falls—and keep your independence
About one in three U.S. adults age 65 or older falls each year. More than half of adults over 65 report problems with movement, including walking 1/4 mile, stooping and standing. Group-based exercises led by a physical therapist can improve movement and balance and reduce your risk of falls. It can also reduce your risk of hip fractures (95 percent of which are caused by falls).

6. Your bones want you to exercise.
Osteoporosis or weak bones affects more than half of Americans over the age of 54. Exercises that keep you on your feet, like walking, jogging, or dancing, and exercises using resistance, such as weightlifting, can improve bone strength or reduce bone loss.

7. Your heart wants you to exercise.
Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the US. One of the top ways of preventing it and other cardiovascular diseases? Exercise! Research shows that if you already have heart disease, appropriate exercise can improve your health.

8. Your brain wants you to exercise.
People who are physically active—even later in life—are less likely to develop memory problems or Alzheimer’s disease, a condition which affects more than 40% of people over the age of 85.

9. You don’t “just have to live with” bladder leakage.
More than 13 million women and men in the US have bladder leakage. Don’t spend years relying on pads or rushing to the bathroom. Seek help from a physical therapist.

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October Spotlight




Kerry Newell, COTA is our October Spotlight. She was nominated multiple times for the spotlight award by her co-workers for willingness to go out of her way and help her co-workers and her patients, and for her caring approach with her patients.

About Kerry: Kerry is a loving wife and mother who balances work and family life in a wonderful way.  She is passionate about caring for her family, living out her faith, and caring for her patients.  

What she does at Advanced Medical: Kerry is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Advanced Medical. She follows patients and helps them achieve their short and long term goals and works with the OTs on progressing their patients towards independence! She is known to go the extra mile for her patients to make sure their needs are met! 

What others have to say: 

“I continuously hear feedback about how she is caring and thorough with her patients.  She often spends over and hour with er patients making sure she is meeting their needs.  She is excellent at communicating their needs with me and her documentation is also very thorough.  I always feel confident the patients I evaluate that she takes over will be served well.

“Since I’ve worked for Advanced if I ever have a question Kerry is so helpful and willing to do whatever she can to help. I notice she does the same with her pt’s. I just think she’s an all around awesome person!”

“Kerry is such a great person to be around and work with, she truly cares about her patients and others around her. She’s got a positive attitude and is an excellent communicator!”

Thank you:   Kerry, we thank you for the excellence you bring to the Advanced team.  We will have a gift for you at the all staff meeting to show our appreciation. Thank you!

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September Spotlight



Jose Colon, DPT is our September Spotlight. He was nominated for the spotlight multiple times for his outstanding work and rapport with his patients and PTAs, ability to inspire, team member mentality, be creative and teach the PTAs new things

About Jose: Jose is a loving husband to Charissa and Dad to 4 wonderful kids. He’s very active, enjoys working out, staying in shape and enjoys a good episode of Days of our Lives every now and then.  When he’s not working, he’s attending his kid’s sporting events and working in his new “treatment room” at home developing his myofacial skills. Jose is dedicated to his family, his job and being the best he can be. 

What he does at Advanced Medical: Jose is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Advanced Medical. He performs assessments on patients for their physical and mobility needs, designs a plan of care to meet those needs, and supervises PTAS who follow his patients.  Jose is known for his wonderful rapport with his patients, positive attitude and ability to educate PTAs. 

What others have to say: 

“His work with our clients and other team members is outstanding. 

“Our patients always have a very positive experience. He is always there to help and is always willing to teach me new things. I learn something new from him every time and he inspires me to try new things and be creative. He has been a great asset to our team and I appreciate all his hard work.”

Jose is a wonderful asset. He is always interested in learning, open to new ideas. He is a great resource for information. He is always giving constructive feedback to make processes improved. He is part of reason I joined this team of wonderful clinicians.”

Jose has shown and exemplifies leadership, honor, selfless service, and compassion. Jose is an outstanding clinician and is very good at what he does, I am so very happy to have him part of my team/our team.”

“Jose has educated me into more of a thinker than a doer, he has great communication skills and follows up on questions and concerns.”

Thank you: Jose, thank you for inspiring all of us, for all of your hard work, commitment and dedication. We are all so grateful to be able to get to work with you! Please pick up your gift of appreciation at the office this week!



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August Spotlight

Spotlight Anne


Anne Iwanin, PTA is our August Spotlight. She was nominated for the spotlight for her kindness and her ability to mentor others.

About Anne: Anne is a wife to husband Andy, mother to son Ollie and an animal lover. (Cat and Dog at home) Anne enjoys time with family, camping, biking and being outdoors.  

What she does at Advanced Medical: Anne is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Advanced Medical. She follows patients and helps them achieve their short and long term goals.  Anne strives to make a difference in the lives of her patients and is known for her gentle approach and willingness to listen to each patient.

What others have to say: 

“Anne is a sweet and kind hearted person, she takes the time to listen to her patients with her entire mind,

she is a great mentor and teacher and is willing to help out in a pinch!”

“Anne is extra kind and caring with her patients. She is very patient and does a wonderful job of nurturing her relationship with each and every patient.”

“Anne is the type of person that puts you at ease when you’re around her, she has a great heart, fun sense of humor and just a joy to be around.”

Thank you: Anne, you inspire us all to be better people and caregivers. Thank you for what you bring to this team and for adding sunshine to our lives! We have a gift of appreciation for you to pick up at the office on Monday.

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July Spotlight


Jennifer Peterson, PTA is our July Spotlight. She was nominated multiple times for the spotlight award by her co-workers for her great attitude, and for always going above and beyond for her patients and their families. 

About Jen: Jen is a wife to Joel and mother to her step-children and cats 🙂 Outside of work, Jen loves Young Living oils and is a distributor of essential oils, lives in Duluth (can you believe it?!) She also has a residence here in the Twin Cities. She enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time at the gym.  Jen is a US Army Vet and American Hero. She’s kind, driven, supportive and encouraging to others around her. 

What she does at Advanced Medical: Jen is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Advanced Medical. She follows patients and helps them achieve their short and long term goals.  She also acts as an advocate for her patients and ensures they get the best care. She is also known to follow her patients even after they are discharged to see how they’re doing.  

What others have to say: 

“Jen goes above and beyond for every one of her patients and their families. She always listens to their needs and is a strong advocate for them. The caring and compassion that she shows them is first rate!”

“She is such a sweet person with a big heart. She has always been there to help me out since the first day I started. Great girl!!! She deserve the spot light.”

“Jen is very supportive, kind, smart and a great team player I feel honored to have the opportunity to learn from her and have her on my team:)”

Thank you: Jen, you are such a vital part of this team and we appreciate all that your bring.  We have a gift for you at the office to show our appreciation. Thank you!

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Hiring Announcement – RN/Case Manager




As a Register Nurse – RN at Advanced Medical Home Care your objective is to provide skilled nursing services to patients in their place of residence. Our promise to you is to give all the support you need to thrive at our agency. We strive to create a positive work place and our goal is to see you live your best life professionally and personally.

Other Information:

Referral Bonus Program
Over-time opportunities
Full-time and Part-time w/benefits and Per Diem positions available


– Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms
– Give patients medicines and treatments
– Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute to existing plans
– Observe patients and record the observations
– Consult with doctors and other healthcare professionals
– Operate and monitor medical equipment
– Teach patients and their families how to manage their illnesses or injuries

Job Requirements:

– Current RN license in State of MN.
– Current CPR Certification for health care providers
– Proof of 2 Step Mantoux, MMR and Chicken Pox Vaccine or Immunity
– Ability to: Make decisions and solve problems, work in a mature constructive manner, exercise good, professional judgment and to accept responsibility, follow through with directions, organize and prioritize responsibilities, present information to others, be self-motivated and independent, time manage.
– Share our values: Compassion, Integrity, Respect, Team Work, and Communication
– Reliable means of transportation

CONTACT Charissa at 612-267-6154 for more information



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Therapy Dog Day!

Harley our therapy dog was busy today.  In addition to visiting with some of our patients, he was welcomed at a local school.  The kids absolutely loved getting to know Harley and learning about the special things he does.  Harley is a companion/therapy dog and primarily visits patients that are down and out or lonely.  He’s a wonderful addition to our team!


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June Spotlight

CharissaSpotlight CharissaCharissa

Charissa is our very first SPOTLIGHT at Advanced Medical.  She was actually nominated 3 times… which does not surprise me at all!

About Charissa: Charissa is a wife to Jose Colon and mother to 4 wonderful kids. Outside of work she spends her time with family, playing volleyball, attending her kids sporting events, doing P90X, cooking and caring for her family.  She enjoys shopping at Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s. She’s a go getter, very active, strives to live a very healthy lifestyle, positive, and hardworking. She’s a joyful person and people really like being around her.

What she does at Advanced Medical: Charissa is truly a jack of all trades.  Her official title is “Executive Assistant” but she really does so much more.  She runs the office, takes calls, answers questions, solves problems, schedules staff, keeps up with authorizations, schedules appointments, hires and trains in new staff.  The list goes on and on.

What others have to say: “I would like to nominate Charissa for all the hard work she does, keeping everything organized and on the straight and narrow, she always has a smile that is contagious when anyone is having a bad day. Charissa has helped me out in a few times of need which I am most grateful for.  I especially love how she has everyone’s interests at heart when assigning new patients. I believe Charissa is a great asset to the company, I am very thankful for her hard work and warm heart”

“Every time I hang up the phone with Charissa I am smiling, she brightens my day each and every day with presenting such a positive attitude about everything, I am so grateful to be so lucky to have her as a co-worker.”

“I’d like to nominate Charissa. She was the person I had the most contact with being a new employee at Advanced Medical.  I feel she went out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful. Even if I contacted her and she didn’t know an answer to a question, she would find out for me or direct me to the right person. I think many times I turned to her and it was not part of her job but she always seemed to help, and seemed to care how my day was going.   She is a genuine, kind person that does a great job coordinating so many things!”

Thank you: Charissa, we thank you for all you do.  It’s clear that your team loves working with you. We have a gift of appreciation for you to pick up at the office.





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